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About Reel Icons.

New Wolf Studios are happy to share our charity of choice, Reel Icons, previously named Heroes Unite Ireland, are a non-profit costumed organisation who work closely with charities across both the Republic and Northern Ireland. Reel Icons pride themselves in having screen accurate Cosplays from TV and Film, as well as accurate Comic Book, Cartoons, and Video Games Cosplays. They attend charity events, conventions big and small, comic shop openings, and festivals.

They have a diverse range of characters in their group - Deadpool, Batman, Harley Quinn (both cartoon and film versions), Supergirl, Power Rangers, and Spiderman to name just a few.  If you are interested in having Reel Icons attend your public event, all they ask is that a donation to a charity is given as they do not profit from their appearances in any way. 

You can get in contact through their emails, at, or through any of their social media accounts.


(Reel Icons are not sponsored by New Wolf Studios. We just think what they do is amazing and want to spread the word.)