New Wolf Studios

For All Your Costume And Prop Needs.


Heather “Max” Mangan AKA @QueenTrashPanda

Max is the founder and chief maker of New Wolf Studios. Her ambition is to create a positive and progressive business where all people can feel welcome and develop their talents.

Originally getting her start in fabric with a simple needle and thread, her skills as a maker have burgeoned with a specialty in large scale foam smithing projects, costume design and fabrication.

Max leads her team of makers and can tackle any problem or query you might have.

You can follow Max’s work on Instagram and Facebook.


Luke “Beanie” O'Brien AKA @spectralBeanie

Beanie is a our resident illustrator, cosplayer & model maker. Know for his independent style and his use of “Toon” design, beanie can use the mediums of ink, pencil or digital Photoshop to create one of a kind images and portraits !

When not illustrating, Beanies use of resin materials can bring even the most strangest of creatures to life in a 3D format. From retro to indie if you want it to exist, he will make your fantasies a reality !

Beanie is always ready to embark on new illustrating or model making projects !

You can follow Beanies work on Instagram and Facebook.

Crafty Nathans Creations

Nathan Wheeler AKA @CraftyNathansCreations

Nathan is a prop maker, costume builder, cosplayer and all round maker of wacky and inventive items.

His specialty is Sci-Fi armour and props and generally works through the medium of foam smithing, electrical wiring, leather working, 3D printing, thermoplastic manipulation and advanced painting techniques.

No project is too big or small for Nathan as he likes to push the boundaries of whats possible in costume design.

You can follow Nathans work on Instagram and Facebook.


Georgina Rose Carpenter AKA @LadyNightLight

Georgina is a new maker to New Wolf Studios and our resident Fur Suit maker! As a fan of all things soft, plush and nerdy, she’s got you covered for all of your cute projects as well as those gnarly figurines you might need for a real tough D&D encounter!

Currently studying model making, she’s constantly learning new ways to help bring your character to life.

Georgina is available to take on fur suiting commissions or model making work, no project is beyond her skill.

You can follow Georgina’s work on Instagram and Facebook.

Megg “Amber” Munnelly AKA @Amber Cosplay

 Amber specializes in the production of large scale fantasy and Sci-Fi armour and fabric builds.

Amber prides herself on handpicking the best fabrics and materials possible for each project and ensuring the utmost accuracy to bring and costume to life!

Quick to take on a challenge Amber will work with you through every step of a project to deliver you a stunning product !

 You can follow Amber’s work on Instagram and Facebook and Youtube.