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Costume And Prop Commissions


Our talented team have over ten years experience in the cosplay scene and are always willing to work with customers to help deliver them high quality and affordable costumes.

Weather it's a Disney inspired princess dress or a seven foot tall suit of Power Armour or anything in between, New Wolf Studios will work with you to craft costumes and props that are tailor made to your requirements and to the highest standards.

When accepting a commission we will assist you in breaking down the costs and providing flexible payments plans and realistic time frames so you can make that next big convention or party on time dressed to impress.

If you're interested in creating your dream costume or prop send your queries to us below, we endeavor to get back to all customers as soon as possible and will start you on the path to being the center of attention at any party or convention !

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please attach a link to your reference photo if you are filing this form for a commission quote.