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Sailor Scouts Photo Shoot

Photo Shoots, CosplayHeather ManganComment

Our Photographer Amy (@Amyisphotography on instagram)
Thank you to the beautiful cosplayers in these photos who can be found on instagram!
@Jiiche , @Kosho_ , @artiocosplay , @yukichinoe , @deepdope.cos @jawbreaker.cosplay , @celestenox are all their instagram user names ! Make sure to check out all their other content!
Thank you guys, you all looked stunning.!

Last Of Us Cosplay Photo shoot.

Maxngan ManganComment

Thank you to (instagram) for cosplaying Joel from the last of us !
Our Photographer for this shoot was @arkadiacos (instagram)
Despite being a new photographer to the studio , Arkadiacos is a professional, hard working photographer and we feel the photo shoot below shows that off.